About us

VBOX was started in 2013 by one passionate entrepreneur but later other team members joined the company. We are passionate entrepreneurs who want to change the online and physical shopping and solve the problems and barriers related to shopping.

People when shop online or searching for homes for buying and renting they come across many problems such as less information, authenticity of items or ads, and feel of product. Mostly people don’t have time to do physical shopping either and search for items in the stores, which takes a lot of time. In return they make bad decisions in online shopping and stuck in deliveries. VBOX provides solutions to all these problems people can now live view the products before buying not just from private sellers but also from physical stores around them.

People can also see as many homes easily for buying or renting from comfort of their homes without physically present at the location, which is time consuming and hectic process. They can get instant information about anything.

People can now do physical shopping online. VBOX is trying to increase customers or people trust in online shopping by bringing them real time information and live view of the product or items.