People can search both classified Ads and business around them or anywhere in the world in a specific category or in general. The search results are shown on a map to show the location and in a list. People can click on the ads to see the detail description and the chat button to live chat and view the item or get more information they like. In the business search people can view business in a specific category go to business profile page see the stores around them on the map, and click the stores they fancy to chat with the staff about their items of interest, live view that item and if they like they can buy that item from the store and then later they can pick it up or to be delivered to them depending on business services.

Private Seller

Private user can simply register an account and after verification can post a free Classified Ad. VBOX gives many advantages to the Private Seller as compared to traditional online trading techniques. User can sell or buy items live physically through interactive video calling and viewing using VBOX application. User can opt for different types of contact methods such as VBOX Live View, Email, Telephone, and Contact Form. They can select either all of them or whatever they feel comfortable with while selling or buying. Private User can choose from different categories to post Free Ads. Item can be either new or used. These Ads can be from anywhere and can be access around the world.

Posting Free Classified Ad

To Post a free Classified Ad user has to register. User can simply go to Sign Up button to fill the form or if clicks on the Post Free Ad button, it will take them to the Sign In form where they can register as New User. After filling the registration form and submitting it, a verification email is sent to the provided email where user can confirm their accounts. After creating account successfully user can log in to the account and can post a Free Ad with the required particulars. Users can also manage their wall activities by sharing different things of interest such as images, links and videos. They can also follow other users or business to get the latest information and news about their favorite businesses.

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Business User

Business User is completely different than Private User. Business User needs to be register but not necessarily post a Free Ad, although they can post a free ad and assign that ad to an employee.

Business Users of VBOX are unique as compared to other websites. Business Users register their account and can add multiple accounts under that business account around the globe. These accounts are of different staff of the business in the physical Stores in different locations around the world. Customers can live interact with these staff in different physical stores or offices of that business around the world. This will boost sale of a business and give customers ease of shopping with online retailers, businesses or famous brands.

Main Business User can manage these multiple account of their staff ad it can give the performance a specific staff or stores.

Creating Business Profile

To register as business profile first and individual private profile needs to be created by the business staff to manage business profile. Once it’s created, they can create business profile in the profile menu section by clicking create business. After creating business profile, user can first add physical store by choosing name and location of the store and then invite store employees to these stores by click invite button in the staff section of the profile menu using their emails. Once the invitation from business is received in the email staff of the store can accept the invitation and fill out the staff form. If that email is already registered, it will be automatically register with that business.

Customers will interact live with these staff in the physical store or offices either view product or chat to get instant information, about products, sale, prices, availability etc.

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