VBOX is free and we don’t charge anything. We don't charge private sellers or businesses anything for using our services. However we charge businesses a small amount for using just our video/audio calling and receiving services. Other services of chatting are still free such as text chatting, file & location sharing and appointments etc. There are no charges for creating accounts or business profile either. But businesses need to funds to their accounts for using just the the video/audio chatting services their credit/debit cards, Paypal and Stripe account information while creating business profile. Charges for video/audio calls are per minutes if there are no funds in the account they will be asked to purchase or fund for using video/audio servies otherwise they won’t be able to make or recieve calls.

* Please note that we are not responsible for any financial transaction, fraud or refund. Any financial transaction between buyer and seller is solely their own responsibility. As at this instance we don’t provide any financial security. So please be vigilant while doing any transaction in between buyer and sellers. We will highly encourage that you be extra careful in any fraudulent financial transactions and don’t do any financial transaction through VBOX.

Pricing for business users for application audio/video calling are below in the table;

Cost Per MinuteUS $0.05